The second largest city in the UK. Manchester

The Manchester’s population of 2 million and growing rapidly
The The 2nd largest economic region in the UK in terms of population and GDP, and the 1st largest city outside London in terms of foreign investment
The Manchester is well connected to.
Light rail: The light rail network has 93 stations along a standard 62 mile (100km) gauge.
In 2018/19, the system achieved 43.7 million passenger trips.
Bus: Manchester has an extensive bus network managed by Transport for Manchester, which includes night bus services and is one of the most extensive bus services outside of London.
In 2014, the bus network had an annual patronage of 225 million passengers.
High Speed Rail 2 (HS2): connects and reduces journey times between major cities; planned stations include Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Airport.
This world-class transport node will connect Manchester businesses to the rest of the European high speed network.
Manchester International Airport: connecting to over 200 cities including San Francisco, Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.There are over 60 trains a day between Manchester and London in just 2 hours, and a well-connected motorway network to Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and other cities in the UK are all accessible by car.

Property Introduction

One Regent

Partly located on the western side of the World Heritage-listed Castlefield Conservation Area, the development offers 301 units, including 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats, as well as 6 row houses and 1 commercial unit, with a private landscaped terrace and car park.
One Regent is just a two-minute stroll along the Bridgewater Canal to the bustling centre of Castlefield, where you can easily wander through the fashionable neighbourhoods…