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Kaohsiung is one of the six capitals of Taiwan. Kaohsiung City, the most prosperous international city in southern Taiwan, has an area of 2,952 square kilometers and a registered population of 2,773,000 people, ranking third in population among the cities and counties directly under the jurisdiction of Taiwan.

Many famous companies have invested in Kaohsiung, including Yi Lian Group, Fubon Group, and Lite-On Group. They create job opportunities, drive up wages, trigger strong economic momentum and expand Kaohsiung’s international visibility.

Nangang District

Nangang District plays a key role in Taiwan’s economy as a financial, media, and telecommunications operation center. With the rapid development of the economy, the high spending power that comes with high income and the change of industrial structure, the tertiary industry, collectively known as service industry, accounts for nearly 90% of the total industry in Taipei City.

In recent years, many major projects have been built, such as the Nangang Station of High Speed Rail, Nangang Transit Station, Nangang Financial Park, Nangang Software Park and Nangang Exhibition Hall, and the Central Research Institute is also located in this area. It will be integrated as the largest transit center in the north, providing transit services for short-haul commuter routes and long-haul routes from the eastern part of Taipei to the eastern part of Yilan, the north coast for tourism, and the western part of the city through a combination of Taiwan Railways, high-speed trains, and MRT.

Property Introduction

Kaohsiung | JSL.THE PALACE

As the Korean Wave continues to grow, Kaohsiung’s property prices are rising strongly, making the city centre a very attractive place to live at a low total price. The pre-sale project is located in the new district of Kaohsiung City, at Qi Xian Yi Road, which is in the heart of Kaohsiung City…


The luxury residential team has created a boutique hotel with 16 kilometres of green parkways, Rainbow Park and a sea of trees. It is located in the heart of the cultural district, Kaohsiung Normal University and Wofoo National High School, which provide an excellent learning environment for your children. Many rest facilities…