Why HTI Limited

Client Funds Secured by the Highest Market Standard

We ensure the highest standards of regulatory authorities from around the world as our indicators of fund security. All your funding towards your real account will be deposited into a segregated bank account, and will only be used for your investment transactions purposes. All clients’ accounts will be audited by our system daily to make sure that all transactions are running properly and accurately.

Maintaining the “world’s best” level of operation to the tiniest details is the realm that we pursue.
The safety and security of client funds shall be our service commitment to you.

Your Bullion Trading Specialist

Exclusive Bullion Trading Platform

As the specialized bullion trading platform under HTI Limited is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality gold and silver trading services. We connect you to top liquidity providers, including price feeds from investment banks, exchanges, and securities firms around the world, and integrates gold and silver prices that can accommodate different investment objectives for fast executions and low transaction costs. Our mission is to provide a reliable, cost efficient and fair trading environment for global investors.