Trading Advantages


Gold has always been an essential item in the investment market, both for its intrinsic value and for its anti-risk properties, making it a suitable addition to every investor’s portfolio. For long term investments, gold’s intrinsic value can effectively combat inflation; while the short term volatility of the gold price, with proper leverage and risk management, is an excellent high return item. In a volatile investment climate in recent years, if you already hold property, stocks, foreign currencies and other assets, gold’s risk-averse role will be key to protecting your portfolio assets.

Reliable and Fair Trading platform

Access to global precious metals liquidity through HTI Limited.

For the benefit of every investor, all your gold and silver trades will be traded on the Global Market using Straight Through Processing (STP – Straight Through Processing), with no intervention guaranteed by the platform.

And in order to get the best price for your deal, we have combined multiple quotation options for you among many global mobility providers to ensure that every deal is done at the most efficient price in the market.