Free Investment Seminar

The investment market operates 24 hours and communication is essential to keep up to date
with the market and to take advantage of investment opportunities.
HTI Limited welcomes all types of investors to attend our bullion investment seminars on various topics.

From time to time, we hold free investment seminars on various types of bullion, presented by professional commodity analysts. Each seminar is different in topic and level, so whether you are a novice investor or an experienced investor with years of experience in the market, you can find the right seminar topic to attend. Our experts closely follow the market situation and develop seminar contents to meet the market and investment needs, in order to share the latest investment information, techniques and investment tips with investors.

HTI Limited offers a wide range of investment seminars on bullion trading, covering topics such as technical analysis, chart trading strategies, and the latest market views. Our investment seminars are interactive and therefore feature a Q&A session where you can talk to our analysts to immediately solve your bullion trading problems and enhance your trading skills.

To register for any of the seminars, Please
Email via .