Bullion Products

Enhance transaction flow
Reduce costs of each transaction

Our advanced market data aggregation engine connects you to the most competitive spot gold pricing. From leading top tier multi-asset liquidity providers around the globe, you can choose from 2 categories with 6 different customized gold trading symbols to accommodate your investment goals.

2 Categories

Fixed SpreadFloating Spread

Fixed Spread

Improved Transaction Smoothness

Well-improved pricing stability for better risk management and trade execution with the spread constrained at exactly 0.50. Over 99% of trades will be executed with a zero slippage market environment. Orders will be executed in either fill or kill.

Suitable for the Following Investors:

  • Relatively slow network connection speed
  • Not accepting slippage
  • Mid-Long term investment


  • Overnight rollover is relatively higher compared to Floating Spread symbols.
SymbolsPlacing orders from
Gold_STD0.1 lot to 20 lots
*Unit 1 lot = 100 oz

System Setting:

Execution Type: Fill or Kill
Slippage Setting: Not Available

Floating Spread

Reduced Trading Costs

Highly optimized quotes ensure accurate execution of sweep-to-fill orders. Our most competitive quotes, combined with max-spread controls, will allow you to effectively mitigate spread uncertainty.

Suitable for the Following Investors:

  • EA trading
  • High network connection speed
  • Short term trade
  • Aiming tight profit margin
  • Accept slippage
  • Seeking low trading cost


  • Orders may only be filled partially by the system.
  • If the “slippage limit” is not being set, orders may only be filled at the same or better prices by the system.
  • If the “slippage limit” is set, orders will be executed within the “+/-” range of the slippage limit.
  • It will increase the chance of fully filled a large volume of trade if a reasonable “slippage limit” range is being set
SymbolsPlacing orders from
Gold_Min0.01 – 1 lots
Silver_Min0.05 – 1 lots
Gold_L / Silver_L1 – 2 lots
Gold_L5 / Silver_L5below 5 lots
Gold_L20 / Silver_L20below 20 lots
Gold_L50 / Silver_L50below 50 lots
*Gold unit 1 lot = 100 oz
*Silver unit 1 lot = 5,000 oz

System Setting

Execution Type: Partial Fill Allowed
Slippage Setting: Available